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Award of Merit Article


by Nanette Londeree, Master Rosarian

Over the past ten months, I’ve written about lots of great roses - some of the best yellow, purple, apricot, red, orange and pink colored roses, striped roses, single roses, fragrant and disease resistant roses. I hope that your interest has been piqued, and that during the upcoming season of rose shopping, you will consider adding some of these terrific roses to your garden.

To make your shopping a bit easier, I did a semi-scientific analysis of the roses that have been included on the “dozens” lists. Compiled, there were nearly two hundred roses, most of which have an ARS rating of 8.5 or higher! I grouped these by type (hybrid tea, floribunda, climber, etc), and listed the top five roses in each category. Then I looked at the roses that ended up on multiple “Dozens” lists – they may have been included on one for color, fragrance or disease resistance, striped or singles. The roses that made it to two or more of the “Dozens” lists are in bold font. It is amazing that of the forty roses on this list, all but one were put into commerce more than seventeen years ago – which means they are no longer patented and are less expensive to purchase. To wrap up the year, the list below includes the five highest ARS rated roses from the “dozens” series by type – what a wonderful group of roses!

  Name Type Color ARS Rating Year Introduced
1 Irish Elegance Hybrid Tea Orange Blend 8.9 1905
2 Touch of Class Hybrid Tea Orange Pink 8.9 1986
3 Marijke Koopman Hybrid Tea Medium Pink 8.6 1979
4 Olympiad Hybrid Tea Medium Red 8.6 1982
5 Dainty Bess Hybrid Tea Light Pink 8.5 1925
1 Nicole Floribunda White 8.9 1985
2 Lavaglut Floribunda Dark Red 8.7 1978
3 Travemunde Floribunda Medium Red 8.6 1968
4 Europeana Floribunda Dark Red 8.6 1968
5 Hannah Gordon Floribunda Pink Blend 8.6 1983
1 Jean Kenneally Miniature Apricot Blend 9.1 1984
2 Jeanne Lajoie Climbing Miniature Medium Pink 9.1 1975
3 Minnie Pearl Miniature Pink Blend 9.0 1982
4 Pierrine Miniature Orange Pink 9.0 1988
5 Giggles Miniature Medium Pink 8.8 1987
1 Royal Sunset Large-Flowered Climber Apricot Blend 8.9 1960
2 Clair Matin Large-Flowered Climber Medium Pink 8.8 1960
3 Dublin Bay Large-Flowered Climber Medium Red 8.6 1975
4 New Dawn Large-Flowered Climber Light Pink 8.6 1930
5 Altissimo Large-Flowered Climber Medium Red 8.5 1966
1 Sally Holmes Shrub White 8.9 1976
2 Gartendirektor Otto Linne Shrub Deep Pink 8.8 1934
3 Robusta Shrub Medium Red 8.8 1979
4 Golden Wings Shrub Light Yellow 8.8 1956
5 Carefree Beauty Shrub Medium Pink 8.6 1977
1 Penelope Hybrid Musk Light Pink 8.8 1924
2 Cornelia Hybrid Musk Pink Blend 8.7 1925
3 Ballerina Hybrid Musk Medium Pink 8.7 1937
4 Kathleen Hybrid Musk Light Pink 8.5 1922
5 Robin Hood Hybrid Musk Medium Red 8.5 1927
1 Alba Semi-plena Alba White 8.9 before 1867
2 Celsiana Damask Light Pink 8.7 before 1867
3 Souv de la Malmaison Bourbon Light Pink 8.7 1843
4 Celestial Alba Light Pink 8.5 before 1797
5 Honorine de Brabant Bourban Pink Blend 8.2 No Date

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