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Gloire de Dijon
Rose of the Month For April, 2010
by Lydia Treadway

In Victorian days, ‘Gloire de Dijon,’ was respected as the best climbing rose. It has large, quartered, double flowers with rich buff-pink shades of orange to the center. The scent is outstanding. It produces several flushes of bloom from early May until October. The rose has broad semi-glossy foliage, strong stems and it makes good cut flowers. ‘Gloire de Dijon’ was made famous by the writings of the Reverend Dean Reynolds Hole, the first President of the National Rose Society. He nominated it as his all-time favorite rose. This rose is included in the World Federation of Rose Societies Old Rose Hall of Fame at: The Old Rose Hall of Fame recognizes roses of historical or genealogical importance and those roses which have enjoyed continued popularity over a great many years.

Breeder: Henri Jacotot, France 1853
Class: Climbing Tea, Noisette
Bloom: Large double orange-pink quartered blooms with rich fragrance
Habit: 12 feet, semi-glossy green foliage
Parentage: Possibly an Unknown tea or ‘Desprez à Fleur Jaune’ x ‘Souv de la Malmaison’
ARS Garden Rating : 7.8

Photo by Kent Krugh used with permission

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