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Sundance, Hot Cocoa and Lavaglut
MAGiCal Roses For April, 2012
by Joan Goff, Master Rosarian

Note: A new column this year called MAGiCal roses will be written each month by our Consulting Rosarians. Two or three roses will be highlighted from the over 130 rose bushes in our garden at MAGC (Marin Art and Garden Center). The garden was planted in 2004 with donated roses from Sunnyside Nursery, West End Nursery, Armstrong Nursery and Sloat Garden Nursery. We have added and subtracted roses each year. The garden is organic and no sprays are used.


This month I am choosing ‘Sundance’, a grandiflora, introduced by Jackson and Perkins in 2004 and hybridized by Keith Zary. At the website it is listed as both a hybrid tea as well as a grandiflora. In the ARS Handbook, it is listed as a hybrid tea. The color is golden yellow, with orange and pink edges. It has a moderate, sweet fragrance. There are 17 to 25 petals. It has classic hybrid tea exhibition form with a high centered bloom. It has continuous bloom throughout the season. The bush will reach heights of 5 feet to 5 ½ feet tall. The parentage is seedling x ‘Arogoru’.

I started my plant from the plant in the MAGC garden about 3 years ago. It is a disease resistant, healthy bush and I love the color of the bloom. It is rated 7.5 in the Handbook, but I think it could be rated higher. In the MAGC garden it is in the center of the larger circle and is a standard or tree rose. It was awarded Jackson and Perkins Rose of the Year award in 2004. Go have a look!

Hot Cocoa

‘Hot Cocoa’

My second pick for this month is ‘Hot Cocoa’, a russet color floribunda, introduced by Weeks Roses in 2003 and bred by Tom Carruth. Its seed parent is ‘Playboy’ x ‘Altissimo’ and the pollen parent is ‘Living Easy’. This is one spectacular rose and it has won many awards including Rose Hills Gold Medal, AARS winner and Gold Standard winner. It also won the ARS Members Choice Award in 2007. It can put out a spray that has 50 or more blooms and the color is unusual and gorgeous. It has an ARS rating of 7.9. The bush can get very tall and in the MAGC garden it was trained as a climber for a number of years. It is on the edge of the garden towards the magnolia tree. (Last year I took this photo in my garden that shows how large the stem was with this huge spray.)



Another great rose in the MAGC garden is ‘Lavaglut’. If you want a deep red rose that throws sprays, this is your rose. It wins blue ribbons all the time at rose shows and is very disease resistant. ‘Lavaglut’ is a floribunda, has dark red color with mild fragrance and 24 petals. It was bred by Reimer Kordes (Germany) and introduced in 1978. It has an ARS garden rating of 8.6. It blooms in flushes throughout the season, has glossy foliage and the bush reaches a height of 2 to 3 feet

The photo of 'Sundance' is by Aprille, the photo of 'Hot Cocoa' is by Joan Goff and the photo of 'Lavaglut' is by Lydia Treadway.

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