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Yvonne Rabier

Yvonne Rabier
Rose of the Month For August, 2005
by Barbara Picarelli

This dainty little rose caught my eye, again at Greg Loweryís private garden in Sebastopol. Amazingly, despite the rest of my roses defoliating with our unusual and nasty spring (or whatever that was), Yvonne Rabier remained lush and green and pretty. Itís a small bush, actually a polyantha with parentage of R. wichuraiana and a polyantha seedling. Bred in 1910 by Turbat, it is a modern rose and has small 1Ĺ-2 inch soft, silky white flowers with just a touch of lemon in the center, (and greenish tinged buds) borne in clusters that can cover the bush when in full bloom. Botanicaís Roses calls the flowers double but they actually have more petals than that. There is a nice fragrance, and it is a repeat bloomer. The best part is the shiny, sharply pointed, bright green leaves.

The bush is low growing and somewhat slow to start, but Iíve had mine for about 5-6 years, and itís about 3-4 feet high. Iíve never had to use any type spray on it for disease, although reportedly it can have some problems in areas that are exceeding damp.

I bought my rose at Vintage Gardens in Sebastopol but it is also available at Antique Roses in Texas, and Roses Unlimited in South Carolina.

Photo by Barbara Picarelli

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