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La France

La France
Rose of the Month For January, 2010
by Lydia Treadway

The birth of the “Modern Rose” begins with hybrid teas. This happened when crossing a hardy and vigorous hybrid perpetual rose with a tender repeat blooming tea rose.

'La France' is recognized to be the first hybrid tea rose and it was created by the French company Guillot & Fils in 1867. The news of a new, exciting way of creating the modern roses was spread throughout England and Germany. Bennett in England and Joseph Perent-Ducher in France raised the new hybrid teas by deliberate cross-pollination. In Germany, Peter Lambert did the same. The results were brilliant and the future of the hybrid tea roses was assured.

'La France' is a profuse bloomer with long pointed buds that often hold 60 petals. When it opens, it displays large silvery pink flowers and they nod down elegantly. It has a strong and sweet Damask fragrance and its ARS rating is 7.1.

Drawing of ‘La France’ from Le Livre d’Or des Roses by Paul Heriot, 1903

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