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Yves Piaget

Yves Piaget, Heirloom, and Rock & Roll
MAGiCal Roses For June, 2012
by Vivien Bronshvag, Consulting Rosarian

Note: A new column this year called MAGiCal roses will be written each month by our Consulting Rosarians. Two or three roses will be highlighted from the over 130 rose bushes in our garden at MAGC (Marin Art and Garden Center). The garden was planted in 2004 with donated roses from Sunnyside Nursery, West End Nursery, Armstrong Nursery and Sloat Garden Nursery. We have added and subtracted roses each year. The garden is organic and no sprays are used.

‘Yves Piaget’

'Yves Piaget’, one of my all time favorite roses, greets me as I enter through the magnolia circle gates of the Marin Rose Society Garden.  It is just ahead on the right.  I have known this rose since it was first introduced in California as a Romantica hybrid tea rose back in the ‘90’s.  I had it in that rose garden where I lived at the time and managed to acquire it again for my current garden.

This rose is such a “fully double” petaled blossom that on first glance, an observer would think he is seeing a peony!   The large flowers have somewhat ruffled petals and are a deep pink (almost, but not quite red) which holds its color well for the lifetime of the blossom.  But beauty isn’t everything.  This rose is FRAGRANT.  I can smell it!  Usually, I have a somewhat stuffed sinus condition known as a “Chicago nose” which is where I hail from.  I am unable to smell most things.  So when I can smell a rose blossom, I get very excited.  And ‘Yves Piaget’ has a most lovely fragrance.

‘Yves Piaget’ is medium sized and repeat blooming throughout the season.  In warm, dry climates it resists disease but may be prone to black spot in cool, damp weather.  It is healthy at our garden and gets a rating of 7.9 from the American Rose Society.



Across the aisle from ‘Yves Piaget’ grows ‘Heirloom’, another rose I have known for over twenty years.  ‘Heirloom’ is classified as a large-flowered mauve colored semi-double hybrid tea.  Supposedly, outside of North America it is seldom seen.  It blooms deep lilac purple with darker shading towards the rim that fades to a paler lilac as the blossom ages.  Sometimes, stems bear single flowers, sometimes three or more clusters.  The blossoms open with low centers which soon form a cup shape and are fully petaled.

‘Heirloom’ has deep green leaves and blooms repeatedly throughout summer and autumn.  It is said to have a strong, sweet fragrance but this is harder for me to detect.  For the flower’s color and durability it is worth having in the garden although ours had some black spot when I observed it last.  Its ARS rating is 7.2.

Rock & Roll

‘Rock & Roll’

Off to the west and getting afternoon shade from the overhang behind it grows ‘Rock & Roll’, a recent grandiflora introduction from Weeks.  I put this in my full sun garden last year and it is impressively delightful.  ‘Rock & Roll’ is a striped rose, this one blended in burgundy, red and cream. It may be a bit taller in the Marin Rose Society’s garden than in mine.  Both surprise with blossoms that are always new variations of stripes and some solids.  Frequently there are clusters with four or more roses.  Usually, I disbud the center or the outside cluster to get a fantastic single or cluster grouping.

This is another fully double rose, not as full as ‘Yves Piaget’ nor quite as fragrant.  It does have a rose and fruit scent. The well centered buds remind me of pinwheels as they open surrounded by dark green leaves.  Blossom sizes are best in cool spring and fall, usually three inches in diameter.  Since this is a relatively new rose from 2009, the ARS has tentatively rated this to be 7.6.

The photos of ‘Yves Piaget’ and ’Heirloom’ are by Gail Trimble. The photo of ’Rock & Roll’ is by Nanette Londeree.

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