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Joseph's Coat

Joseph's Coat
Rose of the Month For November & December, 2006
by Barbara Picarelli

Recently I took a photography class in Santa Rosa, and one of our assignments was to meet at the Luther Burbank Garden in the early morning to do photography of plants. You don’t turn a rosarian loose in a Rose garden and expect them to photograph much else but Roses! Shortly after you enter the garden is this magnificent climber on an arbor, and I couldn’t resist. I do have this gem in my garden too, but it doesn’t look like this.

‘Joseph’s Coat’ is a listed as a red blend, but actually is a multicolored climber, hybridized by Armstrong and Swim in 1964, with parentage of ‘Buccaneer’ and ‘Circus’. The color spectrum can range from dramatic to bizarre with a golden yellow to burnt cherry in its offerings.

Joseph's Coat
Some of the blooms can even be striped. Modern Roses lists its flowers as yellow and red, double blooms of 23-28 petals and 3 inch blooms in clusters. This rose is a phenomenal bloomer with roses present all summer long. The canes are moderately stiff and it’s recommended to train this plant on a pillar or arbor, rather than a fence. The foliage is dark and glossy with a proliferation of thorns. Probably the most detrimental feature is lack of much fragrance, but that didn’t keep it from winning awards, with the Bagatelle Gold Medal in 1964.

The plant is easily available at most nurseries and garden centers.

Photos by Barbara Picarelli.

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