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Yves Piaget

Yves Piaget
Rose of the Month For November and December, 2008
by Barbara Picarelli

This beauty is a photo I took in our MAGC garden last week. I have this rose at home too, and it looks exactly the same, with lovely pink ruffled blooms. This rose is listed as a hybrid tea, in a medium pink and bred by Marie Louise Meilland. The bush never gets too large, about three feet, with fat globular buds opening to large (5-6 inches) blooms that are fairly flat. Blooms are borne singly and have an intense fragrance (which is why I wanted the rose) and have a good repeat bloom cycle. The foliage is clean, (however it is said to be susceptible to black spot in damp climates), with semi-glossy, dark green foliage on a very upright bush. The ARS rating for the garden is 7.8. Parentage is fairly complicated with lots of ancestors (‘Pharaoh’ x ‘Peace’) x (‘Chrysler Imperial’ x ‘Charles Mallerin’) x ‘Tamango’, and was introduced by Meilland Et Cie in 1983. In some countries it is also known as ‘Queen Adelaide’ and/or ‘The Royal Brompton Rose’. The rose was awarded The Golden Rose and Fragrance Award, Geneva, 1982, Gold Medal and Fragrance Award, LeRoeulx, 1982, and the Fragrance Award, Bagatelle, in 1992. It is still available in most rose nurseries.

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