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Ambridge Rose

Ambridge Rose
Rose of the Month For November and December, 2010
by Lydia Treadway, Master Rosarian

'Ambridge Rose’ is part of the English Rose class developed by David Austin. ‘Ambridge Rose’ was named for the very well loved British radio program, “The Archers”. The series has been running for over 50 years, and is about rural life in the British Midlands. Its theme song hasn't changed since the first episode in 1951. The soap opera, set in the mythical village of Ambridge, has a loyal following of some 4½ million listeners.

The ‘Ambridge Rose’ has an old-fashioned form, opening cupped and later forming into soft rosettes. It is deep apricot-pink in the center, which lightens towards the outer petals to near white as they age. The color is unusual and very attractive on a rose with old fashioned qualities. This is not a tall bush, which makes it ideal for a smaller garden. This rose has healthy, light to medium green foliage and good repeat bloom. The scent is strong and sweet, like myrrh and fruit. In my garden ‘Ambridge Rose’ is tucked away from other roses in a shady part of the garden (not on purpose but for spice scent). The rose likes this spot, and every time I pass by, it surprises me with the elegance of her blooms. Have this one in your garden and you will see an English rose that flowers freely and continuously. Consider the ‘Ambridge Rose’ for borders and mass planting. It would be stunning lining a long pathway where flowers with a fine English rose myrrh fragrance could easily be enjoyed.

Breeder: David Austin (United Kingdom, 1990)
Class: Shrub
Color Class: Apricot blend
Fragrance: Myrrh and fruit
Parentage: ‘Charles Austin' x seedling
ARS Rating: 8.2

Photo of 'Ambridge Rose' by Lydia Treadway.

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