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Andie McDowell

Andie MacDowell
Rose of the Month For November/December, 2011
by Lydia Treadway, Master Rosarian

Andie MacDowell, Hollywood actress and beauty model, is the movie star with long, dark, curly hair and a smile that is sexy and fun. There she is making goo-goo eyes at John Travolta in "Michael" or laughing at Bill Murray in “Groundhog Day.” She models for L'Oreal for women who are drawn to the beauty of the celebrity. The face behind the makeup is, of course, Andie MacDowell.

Andie MacDowell That is only half the story. The other half , Rosalie MacDowell (born on 21 April 1958, Gaffney, South Carolina), leads her life as Rose Qualley - mother of three, faithful churchgoer and active in charitable circles . (Rose) Andie MacDowell is succeeding where so many celebrities fail - keeping her career going and having a solid family life. Despite two names and two busy lives, she knows who she is.

The mini-flora, ‘Andie MacDowell’, is a lovely tribute to this movie star and well known beauty model. It was bred by Michael C. Williams (2003) and introduced in the United States by Bridges Roses in 2004. The plant produces vivid orange blooms with a lighter creamier color reverse. The blooms have a tendency to grow in large clusters. It has a beautiful high center flower and holds its bloom well. We grow this rose in our garden and flowers appear as a cluster of stars when they open, holding the quality of color for a long time.

Breeder: Michael C. Williams, United States, 2003
Class: Miniflora
Color Class: Orange Red
Fragrance: None
Parentage: Unknown
ARS Garden Rating: 7.6

Photo of the actress courtesy of: Photo of the rose,'Andie McDowell', by Lydia Treadway.

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