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Double Delight

Double Delight and Altissimo
MAGiCal Roses For October, 2012
by Paul Cullen, Consulting Rosarian

Note: A new column this year called MAGiCal roses will be written each month by our Consulting Rosarians. Two or three roses will be highlighted from the over 130 rose bushes in our garden at MAGC (Marin Art and Garden Center). The garden was planted in 2004 with donated roses from Sunnyside Nursery, West End Nursery, Armstrong Nursery and Sloat Garden Nursery. We have added and subtracted roses each year. The garden is organic and no sprays are used.

‘Double Delight’

"What's not to like about this rose?" It not only is a beautiful rose but has an exceptional fragrance, kind of spicy and sweet. It has a combination of colors from creamy white, pale pink, yellow to deep red edging. That's part of her magical delight, no two are exactly alike. This hybrid tea is hardy and blooms in abundance throughout the season. It was hybridized in 1976 and has a garden rating of 8.3. ‘Double Delight’ was the first rose I purchased and planted. We bought our first house in 1977 and it had a big backyard. That year AARS named ‘Double Delight’ rose of the year. It is still one of my favorites.



Another favorite rose of mine is ‘Altissimo’. ‘Altissimo’ is Italian for "in the highest." This magical climbing rose is matchless, literally and figuratively. There is no other rose with the combination of the velvety blood-red color accented with bright golden stamens and dark green glossy leaves. Flowers are single blooms with up to 7 petals and about 5 inches across. It was bred in France in 1966 and has a gar- den rating of 8.5 ‘Altissimo’ can be seen at its best on a wall, corner of a building, a pergola, trellis or a rod iron fence as it is beautifully displayed in the MAGC garden. My ‘Altissimo’ is growing in a large pot in the corner near my garage. It is a repeat bloomer and climbs 8 to 10 feet. Luckily, the deer have not discovered it and it has outgrown their reach.

All photos are by Joan Goff.

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