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Rose of the Month For September, 2003
by Nanette Londeree, Consulting Rosarian

We are introducing an ongoing column entitled "Rose of the Month". Each month we will be highlighting a different rose that you may want to consider adding to your garden. Roses are evaluated based on multiple criteria including:

Appearance - the overall beauty of the bloom, its color, form and substance

Health and vigor - general disease resistance and abundance of bloom

Fragrance - the intensity of the perfume

Hardiness - the plant's ability to stand up to hot and cold weather

Vase life - the lasting ability of cut blooms

ARS rating - the rating given by the American Rose Society for garden performance

This evaluation is not scientific, and is based on information from books and articles, input from other Rosarianís and the authorís personal experience.

Modern hybrid tea rose, light yellow, repeat flowering. Hybridized by Dickson, 1983 in UK; synonym: Peaudouce

Elina is one of my very favorite roses - it is really one of the major stars of the garden, and the show table. It produces magnificently formed deep cream colored, porcelain looking blooms that are up to six inches across, with 35 petals. It is beautiful at all stages of bloom, from a high-centered pointed bud to a full, ruffled form open bloom with golden stamens. In our climate it grows 4 - 6 feet tall, and is clothed in dense, deep green foliage. It is a prolific producer of flowers, with blooms that are borne singly on strong stems. One of my plants alone can produce three dozen gorgeous long-stemmed beauties in its first flush of the season. Though the first flush of bloom is a little later than many other roses, it is quick to repeat. It has a light fragrance. It is very disease resistant, and is an easy rose to grow for the beginner.

Some Ratings and Awards:

ARS (2003) - 8.7
Royal National Rose Society Certificate of Merit
Anerkannte Deutsche Rose (1987)
New Zealand Gold Medal (1987)
Glasgow Silver Medal (1991)
Royal Horticultural Society Award of Garden Merit (1993)
James Mason Gold Medal (1994)

Elina Photo by: Gail Trimble

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