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All That Jazz

All That Jazz
Rose of the Month For September, 2004
by Gary Scales

All That Jazz is a happy and fun rose. Often we ascribe human characteristics to inanimate objects. And I freely admit to using this anthropomorphic license when describing certain roses. But you can picture All That Jazz slipping on a glass of champagne, joining the Gatsby Girls in the Charleston. While her Hybrid Tea neighbors in the garden are preening to look prime and proper with high centers and perfect ruffles, All That Jazz pulls her windblown hair back into a pony tail and says: “Where’s the party?”

But don’t let this seemingly unpretentious behavior fool you. You’d easily get the impression All That Jazz wouldn’t take this All American Rose Selection business all too seriously. But guess who walked away with AARS honors in 1991?”

Healthy, vigorous, with vibrant colors, a strong and sweet scent and an excellent repeat bloomer - all necessary ingredients of a winner. And you don’t miss seeing her in the garden. A dazzling combination of red, yellow and pink, essentially coral, with hints of salmon. All That Jazz has another distinctive characteristic. Her twelve petals are semi double at best, but at the height of bloom appear as elegant waves of color. In fact there are few sights as striking as the afternoon sun shining through the translucent petals of All That Jazz. Almost surreal.

The American Rose Society 2004 Handbook ranks All That Jazz with a 7.8 rating: “a very solid rose, with its good features easily outweighing any problems.” All That Jazz is a seedling of Gitte, a Hybrid Tea with brilliant colors. And yet All That Jazz again distinguished herself as being characterized as a shrub rose, and one of a few to garner AARS honors.

This is a rose of many attributes and many virtues. And fun to be with in the garden.

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