A chicken beacon isn't important,
    really, unless you're a chicken.
    Say you are one, though, and you're out
    after dark. You chased
    a butterfly into the woods
    and got lost. Or, you got old,
    too tough to eat,
    and somebody dropped you off
    in the country. Or you're just a poor,
    wayfaring chicken, who thought there was time
    to reach the next farm.

    Whatever kind you are, you've gone against
    the First Chicken Law;
    Huddle before dark.
    Now, all you can do
    is fly up on a tree branch and hope
    for the sun. But even up there, with your head under your wing, it's scarey,
    because there are chicken killers
    that climb and some that fly.
    It's impossible to sleep.

    So, if a farmer owns
    a chicken beacon and hangs it outside
    his chicken house, you appreciate it. In the tree,
    changing wings for the hundredth
    time, you see the light
    from the chicken beacon. Why not try it, you say--
    anything's better than this.
    You flap into the dark, running,
    wings working hard,
    before you reach the ground.

    The chicken beacon looks farther away.
    You hear the foxes' confidant
    feet, the owls leisurely
    wings, coming toward you
    from all directions. You know
    the door will be locked when you get there,
    but someone may hear you, squawking,
    your claws and beak beating
    at the padlocked door.
    maybe not. right now, the light,
    the chicken beacon, is something to run for.

    Clear DotBy Richard McMullen

    Photo by Jerome Whittingham - used with permission from:

Chicken in a tree


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