Woodman, spare that tree!
    Clear DotTouch not a single bough!
    In youth it sheltered me,
    Clear DotAnd I'll protect it now.
    'Twas my forefather's hand
    Clear DotThat placed it near his cot;
    There, woodman, let it stand,
    Clear DotThy axe shall harm it not!

    That old familiar tree,
    Clear DotWhose glory and renown
    Are spread o'er land and sea,
    Clear DotAnd wouldst thou hew it down?
    Woodman, forbear thy stroke!
    Clear DotCut not its earth-bound ties;
    O, spare that aged oak,
    Clear DotNow towering to the skies!

    When but an idle boy
    Clear DotI sought its grateful shade;
    In all their gushing joy
    Clear DotHere too my sisters played.
    My mother kissed me here;
    Clear DotMy father pressed my hand -
    Forgive this foolish tear,
    Clear DotBut let that old oak stand!

    My heart-strings round thee cling,
    Clear DotClose as thy bark, old friend!
    Here shall the wild-bird sing,
    Clear DotAnd still thy branches bend.
    Old tree! the storm still brave!
    Clear DotAnd woodman, leave the spot;
    While I've a hand to save,
    Clear DotThy axe shall hurt it not.

    Clear DotBy George Pope Morris

    Photo by Scott Trimble - used with permission

Native Oak, Marin County, California


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