My friends say I don't answer
When my phone rings off the wall
Rose shows are a'coming
And I'm busy now 'till Fall.

There is soil on my carpet
(And thorn marks in my thumb)
My mail's unopened on the counter
And the dishes are not done.

Alfalfa pellets are soaking
In a bucket on the ground
Epsom salts shine white and snowy
By my roses all around.

Lots of watering to keep up
Massive weeding I must do
There's mapping out the roses
Before I loose a name or two.

The sprayer must be spraying
To rid the black spot spores.
Sunlight's bleaching my best bloom,
It's got to come indoors.

My minis are growing bigtime
There's a climber running loose
Got to find my pruners now
Before they up and grow vamoose!

The refrigerator in the garage
Is filled to overflow
With roses prepped for going
To Saturday's rose show.

Roses are my hobby
Rainbow colors all around
Come on out to visit
You know where I'll be found.

Clear Dotby Gail Lemnah Barnett, March 31, 1996



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