It's 20 below, I'm turning blue;,
My roses sleep, what shall I do?
Too cold to weed, too hard to dig;
The storms a'comin' and it looks big!
My work is done, though incomplete,
The garden turned into a big ice sheet!

Send for catalogs, make a rose list,
Read newsletters, see what I've missed.
Been too busy all summer long,
With winter here I can catch up strong.
Use the dormant spray, buy on sale
All the summer stuff by the box and bale.

Build new beds when the sun is bright,
Plan the paths for a garden site.
Gardening is a state of mind,
When weather changes I soon find
That rose beds are a full year thing;
There's more than digging to grow a Queen!

Now where'd I put my Combined Rose List?
There's a few choice roses I think I'll risk;
The postage stamps are here in a jar,
Great, here's envelopes and keys to the car.
Rush that order, it's needed fast
If I'm to make it through winter's blast!

Clear Dotby Gail Lemnah Barnett



November, 1996
"'Tis the Last Rose of Summer" by Thomas Moore

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September, 1996
"The Fish" by Elizabeth Bishop

August, 1996
"Departmental" by Robert Frost

July, 1996
"City Flies" by Alan Van Dine

June, 1996
"My Neighbor's Roses" by A.L. Gruber

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